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“Wino”music video — song by The Good Names Are Taken

In March 2015, I responded to a call for a graphic designer from one of my favorite musicians of all-time, Val Emmich. (go LIKE his page here:

I responded, I managed a few successful Skype sessions (despite how insane it is to get to Skype someone you've idolized since like age 12), and he called upon me to create a stop motion music video for a very special song of his, of which I closely align with, named "Wino."

I pined and pined over this project - it took almost over 6 months -which I worked on while gallivanting across Europe - from that initial call to action to the final edit. Essentially, I became the girl in the story - the people I was working with became my only reality and my close friends, and it was quite the phenomenal, beautiful wake-up call to realize this. Val puts the whole process into words very nicely here:

"When you watch the video, I think you’ll get a sense of why it took so long to make. It’s a painstakingly detailed piece of work. The video is actually a compilation of countless still shots. Each frame took a tremendous amount of planning and execution. And most of all, heart. Kim put her entire being into it. And because of that, it took a lot out of her. But that’s what we crazy people do. And it’s worth it."

(more on this:

If you love the video, let someone know. I'm so honored and excited to have realized one of my childhood dreams (working for a favorite singer/songwriter was a REAL bucket list item of mine), and I am incredibly thankful to have received the opportunity to play my skills up against a real-time artist through such a close collaboration.

Enjoy "Wino."

Download Val Emmich's "The Good Names Are Taken" for a  donation (or free) here:
Dissonancebougainvillea, resin & stained wood, 12” x 12” - 2019

Created from pouring resin over bougainvillea flowers from my garden, this piece symbolizes physical, social & mental dissonance over time. Made for the Harwood Art Center’s 12x12 annual fundraiser.

generative digital drawing, 36” x 13.5” - 2015

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