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The Albuquerque Press Club

december 2022 — present


The Albuquerque Press Club is a 120-year-old Norwegian-style log cabin that sits on a hill in a park in the middle of downtown Albuquerque - and over the years I’ve worked to bring their brand back to life with first investigating & discovering which font was used for the main logo, and then working to build out their brand via an updated set of acronym logos, t-shirts, mugs, lighters, pens, business cards, inspired event posters for each new soiree, signage throughout the bar, and more. 

Photo taken for Elijah Craig’s Old Fashioned Week 2023. 

Halloweekend is a big deal at the club - and with its 120-year history comes a list of tales about ghostly inhabitants in the building. Here are two poster concepts for the weekend, plus a special edition t-shirt design.

Standard merch for the club includes a t-shirt, baseball shirt, mugs and a lighter, all for sale at the bar.

The club is quite the maze, so new signage has helped make certain messages more apparent. 
Business cards were also created for staff & executive Board members.

Each year the club holds the AGM, or Annual General Meeting, to discuss happenings at the club and elect a new Board of Directors & Executive Board. In 2023, I made a series of posters, flyers & social media posts explaining each Board position’s duties and important infomration surriounding the vevent.

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